Welcome to Max Cruise Marine. We are a specialist multihull production company with over six decades of combined boat-building experience. After many years in the industry we started our company based on a simple question: “How do we give our clients a sailing experience that combines the best of both worlds, performance and comfort? How do we empower our clients?” Our answer – options; from the interior layout and finishes, to performance enhancements and build type (self-build or professional), as well as international build location.


Our discerning clientele appreciates the balance we achieve between cruising performance and comfort. For us, performance means blending speed and safety, while taking into account factors such as efficiency of moving about the boat. Comfort, on the other hand, means never compromising on the features you need to enjoy your time aboard – while ensuring you arrive safely and on time. In short, our designs draw a straight line between performance and comfort.


All our models are the result of a single-minded objective – to fuse design innovation with cutting-edge technology and hands-on experience. Constructed with vacuum infused foam cored, carbon reinforced laminates. Current leaders in cruising Hybrid Sail Catamarans, Whatever your requirements our agents will be able to answer your questions and provide step-by-step sales support. We look forward to your enquiry. For USA Clients please contact steve.usa@maxcruisemarine.com or  mike.usa@maxcruisemarine.com

Or contact Max Cruise Marine. terry@maxcruisemarine.com

Max quality; Max performance; Max comfort; Max value

Fast-tracked, affordable builds anywhere in the world

Self-build option using our 3D modular (3DM) moulded sets – delivered worldwide

Boats professionally built near you or in our Vietnam build yard

Moulded exterior with gelcoat finish plus CNC-cut interior (choice of three options)

Variety of helm, propulsion, sail plan and interior design options

Max Cruise Marine design features include:

  • Largest saloon / cockpit in class

  • Perfect sightlines and 360° degree visibility
  • Choice of multiple layouts with generous spacing and flow

  • High quality finishes

  • Multiple helm options

  • Multiple propulsion options

  • Multiple rig options

  • Charter cruising and performance cruising options

  • Asymmetric hulls with reserve buoyancy

  • Centrally balanced construction – lightweight bows and stern

Max Quality Materials

All Max Cruise Marine multihulls are precision built using light, strong, high-quality materials, featuring:

  • 3D panels are made from Vinylester resin-infused structural PVC foam core

  • Gelcoated exterior

  • Fully moulded 3D exterior

  • Optimized laminate orientation

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision-cut interior